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Cryptid Campfire is a podcast that explores the strange and unusual creatures that lurk in the shadows. From Bigfoot to Chupacabras we gather around a virtual campfire every week to talk about the beasts and monsters that share our planet.

Oct 27, 2020

In our finale to the Spooktober series Eli, Jasmine and Alex all cover three different topics that are sure to terrify you! Everything from Japanese ghosts, to creepy historical doppelgangers to the evil nun, Valak, everything is covered!

Oct 20, 2020

Does a small 4 mile stretch of road in Wisconsin serve as home to a werewolf like beast? Could it be, as some witnesses say, a creature of hell summoned through some unholy ritual? We discuss it all in this week's Spooktober episode!

Oct 16, 2020

Eli sits down with author and cryptozoology fanatic, DA Roberts. He's written over a dozen books on cryptids and the paranormal. They have a discussion about literature, horror and their favorite authors!

Oct 13, 2020

BRAINZ! Hope all the fans of the Campfire are enjoying the Spooktober! This week we have another undead nightmare for you, Zombies! Everything from real life zombie diseases, to the George Romero flick's are discussed this week around the Campfire!

Oct 6, 2020

In the thrilling first episode of Spooktober, the trio covers the undead horrors of the night: VAMPIRES! We hope you're scared by it, perhaps even horrified by it. Somewhere between losing your mind and the sleepless nights that shall inevitably ensue, we hope you find enjoyment. And if you find yourself within the...